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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Member Ski SharpMale/United States Group :iconsimple-tf: Simple-TF
All TF artists/writers allowed.
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Ski Sharp
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: Minnesota
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Jazz
Favourite style of art: Anthro/Furry, Landscapes
Operating System: Windows 3.1~8.1
MP3 player of choice: Phillips
Wallpaper of choice: Windows 7 Slideshow
Skin of choice: Human or Ausky, depends on the day

~ Ski Sharp ~ also written as Ski# ~

Visual Artist Cartoonist Photographer Fursuiter Tinkerer

I am a mutt and happy to be an Ausky.

Hello and welcome to my page. I hope you are able to find what you are looking for here.

if you are looking for or like to see a reference to my fursona : --> [link]

I am a just a sightly quirky ausky dog, who dwells in the city of Hutchinson, Minnesota. I fursuit and can be found at a fair number of MNFurs events. I love to draw though i do a lot of Traditional Graphite, I also love to sit down and draw Digital Paintings. I have been keeping a Dandy & Co. Fan Comic called (canis Acceptius) which can be found [here]-->….

my other art sites:
FurAffinity: temp01
Weaysl: SkiSharp
MNFurs: SkiSharp

Commission : Closed
Request : Open
Trades : Open

Fursuit Info:
Current Version made by this hansome canine skisharp skisharp

Fursuing events which I have done:
Last day @ The Minnesota Ren Festival
Trundles Bowling October 2013
Como Zoo Boo Weekend 1
MNFurs Holiday Party 2013
TLC Canine Rescue 21 DEC 2013
St. Paul Winter Carnival Parade

Future Events:
MNFurs Spring Picnic 2014
Furry Migration 2014

A happy MNFurs
* FurryMigration.H
* stolen meme from pantheraleos  pantheraleos and all the other furs with
* the same meme. I skipped my normal meme trace because I'm lazy
* tonight and I've been meaning to get this done.
* Original Author: PantheraLeos -- 11 Aug 2014 [presumed]
* Modified by: Ski Sharp -- 16 Aug 2014

#import "FurryConvention.H"
#pragma once

using namespace std;

Class ConMeme
How do you want to be addressed?
Ski, Ski Sharp, "Hey crazy ausky"



What do you look like?
Brown hair, brown eyes, slightly hever then healthy (aka normal american) with a fedora and brown and white tail out of suit, in suit well... like this…

Where/how can I find you?
I'll be doing reg and kind of being everywhere and taking it all in

How are you getting there?
If i can get the teleporter working by teleporter else by car

What hotel are you staying at?
The Thunderbird Ramdia (Con Hotel)

Which days will you be attending?
Friday 12 September 2014 - Sunday 14 September 2014

Do you do requests?
If I have my drawing stuff with me

Do you do trades?
If you have your drawing stuff with you

Do you do commissions?
People pay you for drawings?!?!?

Will you have prints, CDs, or merchandise?

Will you have Art in the Art Show?
Even more noooope

Who will you be with?
Frineds new and old :D

What is your main purpose for attending?
Go to a convention. The only other con I've been to is the Minneapolis Golf Convention and Swap... (yeah It's a boring as it sounds... and i just went for the and swap part)

Can I talk to you?
Of course!

Can I take pictures with you?
see last question

Can I touch/hug/cuddle you?
Hugs sure, cuddle um do i know you?

Can I hang out with you?
GOTO : Can I talk to you?; // wows I haven't used a goto statement since i was 10

Do you go to parties?
Well i have a couple picked out but i'm not a known party-fur...

Do you fursuit/costume?
REF* "What do i look like"; // haha you though you would get away from pointers

What is the best way to reach you?
FA, DA or MNFURS otherwise E-mail or celluar communication (if your lucky to have my digits)

Anything else?
I guess that it's my first con and i cannot wait to see all what happens and hopefully it will make this ausky into a con-dog (ha pun)

// wouldn't you like to know ;)

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Awee thank you friend for all the favorites!! <3
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Thank you very much for the watch and the favorite! ^.^
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You did a great job with pressing that favorite button on my artwork! I am so impressed not only by your button clicking skills, but your taste in artwork to add to your collection is just so outstanding! Using my amazing, breathtaking artwork is just incredible. When people look at your favorites and see that you added my art, they are going to envy your taste in art so badly. People will start asking you if they should like someone's art all the time because they want to like the things you like because the things you like are so likable that it will make you likable and like who doesn't want to be likable?
Lutra75 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Now that you can quickly access and gaze upon my amazing art at any given time, please regard the following safety tips. Do not stare at the art for longer than 2 hours, else the sheer magnitude of its beauty and pure amazingness can put you in a trance that can last up to 9 weeks. Do not attempt to re-create the stories in real life because although they are super good quality and super realistic stories. The stories were done by trained professionals in a closed environment and any attempt to re-create them could cause physical injuries, mental injuries, and a large amount of social injuries. Finally, if you feel like you are having a heart attack, you probably are.

Thanks again for your support of my deviations.
WereKatt Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Thanks for the fave on Wolfie :)
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absorr Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Adding one or more of my art to your favorites collection was such a smart decision! Now, if you ever find yourself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, you can quickly access the art you added to show to the zombie horde. The horde will then stop going after you because they'd be too focused on how amazing my art is, allowing escape. This tactic can apply to similar situations as well. This includes (but is not limited to) your boss lowering your pay rate, your mom making a surprise visit, forgetting to do your homework, a homeless person asking you for money when you don't have any on you, and getting out of a strip search at airport security. Thank you very much, and I'm sure whomever you use it on will thank you too.
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